The Hello Shop | Our Story
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At The Hello Shop we love to develop products that are all natural. This means we don’t use any artificial colorants, scents or preservatives. By constantly researching vitamins, oils, herbs and minerals our products evolved into pure and well balanced body care, that takes care of your skin, hair or beard. Using only high quality and food grade ingredients and by continuously testing the products ourselves, we are happy to fill the shop with fresh products that have great benefits as body care.

We source our products from our mom’s garden and local producers of organic and cosmetic oil, beeswax and minerals. And to make our ecological footprint as small as possible we recycle, use recycled paper for packaging and bring the packages to the post office by bike, like all dutchies would.


It all started and still happens in Beau’s little kitchen. Curious about what’s in the soap she daily used, she started googling and ended up in a corner of the internet where she learned that soap can be made be hand. She started, made way too much and the amounts of soap blocks got out of hand. Beau decided to start a brand, as she, her family and friends loved to products she was already making. Gaining knowledge about the benefits of oils, minerals, herbs and vitamins the product range grew. With a background in the field branding and identity as a graphic designer, Beau loves to make sure that The Hello Shop appears as fresh as the products it contains. Joy is Beau’s sister and jumps in when it comes to testing, packaging, shipping and random dancing!

Owner / maker / designer


Shipper / tester